Photos: ©Rapenburg Plaza
It is 150 years since slavery was abolished in the Dutch colonies.
The exhibition: ‘De Zwarte Bladzijde' (The Black Page) devotes extensive attention to the slave trade.
The starting point of the exhibition is the moving story of slave ship Leusden, which sank in 1738 in Suriname and leaving 714 slaves to drown. Historian Leo Balai wrote a book about it. He is the one who invites you to go there and explore the history.You get to know different people on board, both above and below deck. Gradually you will learn about the economic background of the slave trade and you experience what life was like on board of a slave transportation ship.
The exhibition is very visual and dramatical, designed by Eric Goossens who is also a theatrical set designer.
The lighting design in collaboration with the exhibition design makes the exhibition a dramatic theatrical experience.

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