A’DAM tower is an iconic building located on the north bank of the IJ river opposite to Central Station.
I designed the lighting for the exterior of this building together with Pelle Herfst.  It was opened in May 2016 accommodating space for offices in the creative industry, a hotel, a tourist observation deck, a restaurant, a gym, catering establishments and a club.
Due to the unique location of the building and the public functions that the building houses 24/7, we wanted to ensure that it shines like a beautifully illuminated beacon in the evening, inviting visitors to cross the IJ and enter the building.
The lighting of the building can be split in two components.
One are the outlines which mark the shape of the building.
The other component is the lighting which illuminates the building itself.
Because of the possibility to mix the colors of the lighting, the tower can be illuminated differently for various events or to commemorate special occasions.
For the Amsterdam Light Festival 2016 we programmed different short dynamic scenes which were showed every quarter of an hour.
This was a Rapenburg Plaza project.
Lighting design: Tom Verheijen + Pelle Herfst (Rapenburg Plaza)
Architect: Arthur Staal (original), Claus en Kaan architecten (reconstruction/renovation)
Lighting installation: Invent Design

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