The 'Kiekhok' is a photo-booth where pictures of a photographed person are manipulated by light. Kiekhok wants to emphasis image manipulation and the way people look at themselves. It changes the way people look like using different lighting.
The machine develops pictures that are not altered after the shoot in the lab through post-production, but rather before, through pre-production. 

Interaction between the pictured person and the lighting is the aim of ‘Kiekhok’. The state of the lighting is the result of personal input of the consumer. The client will be presented with a few choises to be answered intuïtively. After answering the questions the lighting is adjusted and the picture taken.
The 'Kiekhok' was made to accompany a Dutch tour of the dance performance Superbia choreographed by Jens van Daele. This performance about vanity was one in a series of the seven deadly sins. The 'Kiekhok' was also shown in the Luminale 2012, Frankfurt (DE) and in several other festivals in Holland.
Concept and production by Tom Verheijen
Technic: Paul de Vries, Dave van Roon, Rapenburg Plaza

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